Alex St. Pierre Photo/Video
Pointing Convex Glass at the World and Seeing if it'll Share its Secrets




New Skate Film, shot on both digital and 8mm film, in Portland, San Diego, LA, and San Francisco. Premiering January 11th, 2019 at the Clinton Street Theater

Graphic Design: Ryan Shultz


Skate Film shot on both digital and Super 8mm film, in and around Portland, San Francisco, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Film/Edit: Alex St. Pierre

Featuring: Dylan Fletcher, Aidan Olmstead, Isaiah Arnold, Kyle Manning, Jordan Conway, Ryan Shultz, Jet Caputo, and friends.

John Maus - Opening
John Maus - Quantum Leap
The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher
Cinemascope - Never Understand
Light Asylum - Shallow Tears

Titles: Ryan Shultz


Civilian is near….

January 11th at the Clinton Street Theater


Civilian is near... a new project by Alex St. Pierre, featuring Dylan Fletcher, Aidan Olmstead, Ryan Shultz, Kyle Manning, Jet Caputo, Jordan Conway, Isaiah Arnold and friends.


Newest teaser for "Civilian..." coming Nov 2018, premiere detail to come


Social Media promo for new project, Civilian

Kyle Manning for Civilian

Skating and Poetry by Kyle Manning